Saturday, July 25, 2009

Avatars in Lessons

An Avatar can be used in classrooms to give short instructions about a task, you could do a greeting, or many other things. I think it is great that you can use your own voice, but if you didn't want to you can use a pre-recorded voice. Students would find this very fun and interesting, in the classroom you could let students make their own Avatars that could give a message back to the class.


  1. Hi Bronte! Well done on the avatar - they are cute little things! I am going to actually use them in class next week, so keep your eye out for my post where I will have one of my four that I am using on my blog.
    I am going to use them as deliverers of information so that my year fours don't have to listen to me! They are going to be asked to take notes on the short clips about earthquakes. I am not sure what else to use them for other than things like morning messages to the class - but only if you had a smartboard or data projector. They are slightly limited due to them not being interactive - maybe that is the 'next step'.
    Cheers, Chenoa

  2. Voki's are definatly a great way to engage students.
    They're fun for everyone which is great.

  3. Chenoa I found Voki limited to, as your saying morning messages to class or introducing a new learning experience. I think your idea is fantastic idea students will be sitting their eager to here the next piece of information to make notes about earthquakes. This has given me an idea you could also employ them in your learning environment for quiz , LM can have the question played out by Voki.

    When I research Voki I found they are also good for shy students and for ESL (English as a Second Language) students’. ESL students could convert the language and learn via the tool.