Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Using Powerpoint

Using Powerpoint in the classroom can be great to engage students. There are many different features which can be used in a powerpoint presentation. Powerpoint can be used within a classroom setting while teaching children as sound, pictures, video and many other interactive features can be added to engage all students in some way. Kearsley & Shneiderman's (1999) Engagement Theory states that, "students must be engaged in their course work in order for effective teaching to occur".

This could be achieved with students in small groups and have them create a powerpoint presentation on a topic they are studying during the term. It is important as a teacher to get students involved in, "active, cognitive processes such as creating, problem-solving, reasoning, decision-making, and evaluation" (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999).

Challenges could be that you have students in your class who don't know about computers and others that know how to use one quite well, so instruction will need to be given before any productive work can occur.

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