Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wiki space

Well, i have successfully set up a wikispace. That was easy enough, but i haven't quite worked out how to find my way around the site. If anyone has any advice please feel free to leave comments.

As a teacher your abilities of using computers and technologies in the classroom for students learning is endless. Students could use Wiki, powerpoint, avatars, webquests and a thousand other learning tools to help them be successful and learn in an interactive and fun environment. All of these tools are education and when used properly students get the opportunity to learn new skills (using technology) and learn new information in a particular topic. Students in this day and age have been brought up on electronics and technology so why not use it as it is said that students are more engaged in learning when they find it fun and interesting.

Kearsley & Shneiderman's (1999) Engagement Theory Framework states that, "Students must be engaged in their coursework in order for effective learning to occur". Using activities which involve the students are more productive than the handouts/filling in of sheets or the listen/copy techniques that many teachers use. When i start teaching i am going to use technology in my classroom when the opportunities are available. Even if we are beginners in technology we can learn from our students, just as students learn from us.

My grade 2 prac class do lots of group work. At the moment we are doing the First Australians (The First Aboriginals and how they are different from people today, eg food, shelter, weapons etc). If i was teaching the class this topic i would have students use a Wikispace as a class project and have their work read by others.


  1. I too have a vision of using technology in my class room to engage the students. In just 2 years of prac I have seen a huge difference in the resources available in 2 schools. I hope my future school has resources available and is technology motivated. I have truly witnessed the disadvantages students face with limited or no technology in their class room.

  2. Tash, I too hope my future schools have resources available and teachers who are willing to leap in and try the new technology. Using technology as a resource can be a great motivator for students to learn and stay engaged as they find it fun and interesting. I am ready to take the leap and expose students to several different ways of learning, so bring on the new technology and new age kids.