Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Image Manipulation

To begin i navigated my way through Picknik. I then uploaded a photo (on right) and began changing it. The photo was coloured and i changed it to black and white, or grey scale. I also cropped and darkened it.

This would be a great tool to use in the classroom as the editing options are simple and students won't get as confused as other programs available, such as photoshop (which i used in school and found quite confusing). Students could use Picknik to edit photos they want to use in powerpoints, photostories, webquests, etc. You could get students to work in groups to produce a piece of work (using technology, like powerpoint and taking photos and editing them) about their school which will be shown to the community (and put in the newspaper) to say 'why their school is the best'. Kearsley & Schneiderman's Engagement Theory states that "doing authentic projects provides a higher level of satisfaction to students than working on artificial problems since they can see the outcomes/impact of their work on people..." (Kearsley & Schneiderman, 1999).

I think i will be using Picknik in the future when i need to edit photos as it is easy and quick and produces good results.

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