Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When i was at school WIKIPedia was the first place we would go to get information we needed to complete our assignments. Many teachers didn't like us using this site as they believed that the information was not always true. Although anybody can add information onto the site there are guidelines which need to be followed in order to add information.

I searched Australia and it came up with lots of information. This included where the name came from, the history of Australia, the states and territories, culture and population, just to name a few. This information could be used for any age group and could focus on one of the above, for example students could work in small groups to make a powerpoint presentation that could be presented to students from other countries who want to travel and convince these students why Australia is so good. Students could focus on the states and territories of Australia. This could also include the capitals of each state, their population, animals that could live in the state and land area.

The new age kids are more interested in researching on the internet than they in looking at books, so we should move with the times so we can engage our students in our classrooms. "The Engagement Theory represents a new paradigm for learning and teaching in the information age which emphasizes the positive role that technology can play in human interaction and evolution" (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999). So working in small groups allows students to develop skills needed to get along with others, it also allows students to interact with students from different cultures and learn more about their country, so they can inform others. Please comment on how you would use WIKIPedia in your classroom.

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  1. Bronte, your views on things are cool. Your students are going to benefit from you immensley, with or without delivery technologies!

    I'm looking forward to your finale post!


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