Tuesday, August 11, 2009


YouTube could be a great resource for teachers when teaching students concepts which need visuals. I would show students the What Causes Earth's Seasons? YouTube video if i was teaching them about the seasons as it shows clear illustrations and good descriptions throughout the video. When designing a lesson around this YouTube video i would use Oliver's ICT Learning Design Model (1999).

Oliver states the learning design comprises of the following key elements
- tasks learners are required to do
- resources that help learners complete tasks
- support mechanisms that exist from a teacher implementing it
(Oliver, 1999)

So you would set tasks for the students to complete, these could include a class project, worksheets, quizzes, etc. Then you show students resources you are using (websites), then give instructions as support. These three steps overlap and all form the basis of the assessment task. As the assessment i would get students to design a powerpoint to explain why we have seasons. Students need to use diagrams, pictures, video, etc to aid their explanations.

I believe that students will gain more knowledge of a subject if they see visuals and spoken instruction than they would if you just explained it to them and used simple props. From my experience it seems that students are more engaged with technology than the simple pen and paper learning, so "are you going to engage me today or enrage me? The choice is yours" (Prensky, 2005).

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