Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Using ClassMarker

I created an online class test through ClassMarker, this is the first time i have used this program and think it is a great tool to use to gauge students knowledge from topics learnt in class. Navigating and creating a test was quite easy and straight forward and only takes a few minutes. If i was to use it in my classroom i would use it to check students understanding of maths operations. I have made an addition test aimed at Year 2 students, you can have a look by going to www.classmarker.com/ the user name is bronte, and the password is school.

You could design a test each week and have it as the Friday test for the students, they would take a few minutes each to complete the test and the results could be used by the teacher to see which students need extra support and which students are competent with their maths. This could also help the teacher buddy students into pairs or groups with a high achieving student and a lower achieving student in the same group, this way they could learn from their peers.

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