Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Using Music on the Web

This is the first time i have used this free site. To begin with i went to the Incompetech website and clicked on the Royalty Free Music. I chose a piece of music from the genre of disco, it was called 'Disco Lounge'. I downloaded it and began listening to it. I think it is quite a relaxing tune to listen to. It would be a good tune to have playing lightly in the background as students entered and exited the classroom. Music could play a major part in a classroom setting, an example is that students could use it when making powerpoint presentations on different topics during the year and experiment with background music in their presentations to add to the engagement of their peers. You could also have the students (while the music is playing) draw a picture about what they think the music is about or what it makes them feel. During prac last year the teacher would play music after lunch to let the students relax and calm down before beginning work, this seemed to work as the students were less disruptive and more engaged and ready to learn. When i get out into the teaching world i think i will use music as a relaxing and calming way to begin the day. From my experience as a student i remember after lunch we would come into the classroom and put our heads on the desk for 5 minutes and just listen to a soft tune before beginning the afternoon session. I believe music could play a bit part in the classroom as a resource for the kids of the new age.

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  1. I agree with you, it is amazing what happens to children especially energetic young children, when you play relaxing music in the classroom - the mood is totally change. I think music is also good for active games, to get there mind going - freeze, musical chair, If Your Happy and You Know It.

    I also found this site great, because it covered under the Creative Commons agreement which allows us, the LM, and student to download music easily and free. Hence it could also be embedded in blogs, wikis, PowerPoint presentation, podcasts, digital video, slide shows.